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"Helping your Soul Wisdom Bloom is my JOY!"


Laura provides a mystical approach for practical SOULutions. Laura is a Psychic Soul Coach and Certified Advanced Energy Healer. She specializes in Archetypes, Shadow/Light Work, Sacred Contract Relationships, the Hero’s Journey, Emotions as Messages and the Awareness Release Technique (A.R.T.).  Is there someone that ticks you off; that you don’t ever want to be – your villain? Is there someone you admire, would love to be, but don’t feel you ever could live up to – your hero? She can help you use these emotional triggers as catalysts to shift from shame and blame to name and claim for greater compassion and love of self and other, enabling new perspectives and increased personal power.


Laura has studied and trained with Medium/Advanced Energy Healer Rev. Martina Schmidt, Thrive! Mentor Coach Patty Jackson and other Masters. Laura has been doing private Psychic Readings for over

10 years, plus 3 appearances at the Domes Dare to Be Aware Fair,

Spirit Fairs, Wellness Days and Retreats.  She also leads playshops, classes and book group experiences on various metaphysical topics.


For over 30 years, Laura has studied and practiced spirituality through various disciplines, modalities and perspectives ranging from traditional religion to the esoteric. She has enjoyed leading spiritual study groups and teaching  metaphysical subjects for 25 years. Her style encourages individual experiences of the Divine through guided meditations and other first hand encounters while also building safe, caring, sharing, and supportive communities.


As a companion to you on your spiritual journey, Laura holds you in a space of Divine Love for all of this deep soul work and considers it a privilege and an honor. Her approach to spiritual guidance is honest, authentic, nonjudgmental, practical, as well as, both rational (philosophical) and mystical (experiential). 


Laura Dodge
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