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You are held in light, love and nonjudgment.  

I love this work. It is an honor.

Psychic Soul Coaching

Messages from Spirit combined with inspired dialog. Laura uses clairvoyance (visual images), clairaudience (audible words and phrases) and claircognizance (knowing), in addition to other clair senses. A session focuses on 1-2 areas of life: identity, job, relationship, etc. or a general intention for your “highest good”. Spirit shares a sort of symbolic story message to meet you where you are right now in your own epic Hero’s Journey. Messages can include: Jungian archetypes (personas from current or past life), animal guides and other nature images, angels, symbols, shapes, numbers, colors, key words/concepts and energy patterns.  Laura assists you with interpretation and shares practical tools for personal integration and transformation. This experience is intended as guidance affirming your soul wisdom for your greatest empowerment, not enabling dependence upon her for “answers”. 

Due to Covid-19,  all sessions are online video or by phone.


Psychic Soul Coaching $80 for 1 hr.
Psychic Reading with Soul Guidance

·      I accept credit cards via Paypal.

·      I encourage you to leave a little quiet time for yourself after the session to journal or create (write, art, music, dance, etc)
       in your own way while the insights from the session are fresh.

·      Please note that "healing" does not necessarily mean "cure".

·      Soul Coaching and Advanced Soul Coaching with Energy Therapy/Chakra Balancing are intended as  compliments to treatment by your Medical Doctor and/or Mental Health Counselor, not a substitute. 

·      Sessions are confidential, except in any case where laws prohibit.


·      Chakra - The Sanskrit word chakra means wheel or circle. In the yogic tradition, there are 7 chakras as the 7 major energy centers of the subtle body that relate to areas of the physical body. In her book, "Wheels of Life", Anodea Judith describes chakras as "organizing centers for the reception, assimilation, and transmission of life energies." She also explains them as archetypal, psychic centers that "yoke the mortal self to its divine nature of pure consciousness." Due to this connection and their correlation with ROYGBIV color vibrations, the 7-chakra system has long be called the "Rainbow Bridge".  When they are open, life force energy flows resulting in vitality of mind, body, emotional systems. When they are clogged/blocked or closed, energy flow is challenged, and feelings of stagnation can result.

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