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"My session today with Laura was one of the most amazing experiences I have had with any work of this kind. First of all she is a wonderful, loving woman who immediately makes you feel safe and comfortable.
She let me know what to expect as much as she could as everyone's experience is unique. She is very gifted and talented and intuitive. She was spot on with everything that she shared with me that she was feeling. Most importantly she worked me through a problem that I've had in my marriage for years as well as with my issues with self worth and acceptance.
Today with what she helped me with I feel more peace than I've had in a long time. I feel more confident and more loving towards myself and accepting. I know what I can do moving forward as well. I am incredibly grateful to Laura and just for who she is as a woman giving so much of herself to make a difference. I appreciate her love for God and allowing him to work through her and inviting him to be a part of our session.
I highly recommend her!"

-Nancy of Hartford, WI 

" I decided to have my first healing session with Laura at a time when I was feeling imbalance in my life and disconnection between my mind, energy and body.
After participating in this first chelation session, I felt my energy was renewed and more connected than I have ever felt through my own daily meditation. In my experience, these sessions are an invigorating practice that involves thoughtful meditation and self-affirmation with the help of an experienced healer.
Laura is a wonderfully kind spirit who is capable of helping individuals to discover underlying tensions in their lives and participate in chakra healing practices that involve self-affirmation and overall relaxation."

- Olivia, Dousman, WI

" I've been trying to think of the right word or phrase to describe it.  Amazing, holy, sacred, enlightening, and energy-connected definitely come to mind.  No one word seems to capture it all.  
Laura, you truly have a gift.  Your ability to focus or channel your energy into my heavy mass and ‘calm’ my spirit was more than I thought possible.  I felt so much lighter after the session and actually still do."

- Susan, WI

You hold space in a way that feels like you are hugging me the whole time. Quite a gift you have. Thanks for being present for me and being my friend."

- Lisa, Eagle WI

" Laura creates an environment of serenity and safety both in the physical space and in her being. Laura honored me by holding sacred space for me, gently guiding my process,
my journey.
Laura has an intuitive sense and ability through her initial reading of my energy and chakras that brings into my awareness, what I may have already known on a superficial level, yet was unable to make the connections to fully integrate into my life. Thus, allowing me to move through those areas of my life limiting my ongoing journey.
I leave my time with Laura with better clarity and openness to the unfolding of my life and my interaction with the universe."

- M.P. of Delafield, WI

" Well Divinity always feels like a miracle.  The timing of our session could not have been better.  My son broke down with a heavy emotional experience and there is no way I would have handled that with any compassion if I didn't have my little girl (inner child) with me who has been recently empowered. 
Thank you Laura, you did a fabulous job and are very gifted at healing."

- Mother in Merton, WI

If you are interested in decreasing confusion and anxiety and increasing clarity and calmness in your life (and who isn't?), you need to meet Laura Dodge. Laura's natural spiritual gifts and well-learned and practiced crafts make for an unusual and profound experience indeed.
I have found my experience on her table both practical and personal. Her laser-like focus and insight, kindness, and total lack of judgement are totally authentic and REAL. I believe Laura's techniques are the way of the future in health and wellness--and very well may eclipse traditional therapies."

- Jean Scott

" I think I have said it before but I will say it again, what I love about you is that you are real. People feel comfortable sharing with you because they know you will not judge them."

- B.H., Waukesha WI

" I am so blessed to have you for a friend. Because you feel all of me can be loved, I find it easier to love all my parts.  More importantly I can hear and own the voices that I had judged and banished. It has taken quite a toll energetically to repress these parts and to deal with their outrage. Sending love and gratitude "

- Andrea, Waukesha WI

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